Booking Conditions

Please note we are a working farm, with all the associated hazards this entails. The paths / ground may be uneven and enclosed sturdy footwear is essential. No smoking on site.

Children under 12 cannot normally walk with their own llama. If you have a mature child who is quite tall and feel they could manage a llama please contact us, otherwise we suggest you let your child share your llama on the walk.

Our farm walks are not suitable for large groups of small children, so please allow one adult per child: if you have trouble meeting this ratio, please contact us so we can tailor a llama experience for your group.


Bookings are non refundable, however if you give us more than 48 hours notice, we will re-advertise your allocated time. If the timeslot if resold then we will refund you minus a $10 per person fee. If we do not re-sell your allocated timeslot, no refund will be given.