Unique Farm Experiences nestled in the beautiful Huon Valley

These include a walk down the farm laneway to see all our llamas (we have between 14 and 20 on site at any given time). We will then introduce you to your own personal llama, and instructions on how to handle them, and we will walk to the obstacle area. You are then the key llama handler, and we challenge you and your friend to get a perfect score on all the obstacles. There will be plenty of time for photographs. We then do a short walk around our site and through bush before heading back to the obstacle area for morning or afternoon tea.
“Tea” includes a choice of coffee, teas, flavoured waters or cordials, cakes or biscuits.

Breakfast with the llamas.

This is a monthly Sunday morning event, where as well as our usual farm experience, we will have a home cooked hot breakfast served in the arena: have your breakfast amongst the llamas who will likely join you for a pellet or two! Please do not feed the llamas anything other than the pellets we give you.
“Breakfast” includes a choice of bacon, our own free range organic eggs, baked beans, eggy bread, orange juice, coffee, tea.

Want More? Special events, Birthdays, Weddings, School visits etc.

We also offer a range of special event options, from Birthday and Hen parties in the arena with llamas, to wedding visits. Please get in touch with us if you would like to find out about any of these options.